A place to keep track of things I have done.



Won the internal hackathon.
  • Finished Udacity’s Deep Learning Nanodegree
  • Graduated company’s internal accelerated leadership program
  • Won internal hackathon. I was the sole developer in a team of 5.
  • Built proof of concept turned production angular app using Handsontable with custom event hooks
  • Built two applications into production using .NET Core and angular.
  • Built a quiz for company’s internal Giving Campaign to raise money ($2000) for charity using .NET Core Razor Pages. This can be reused every year to raise money with a different set of questions.


  • Finished Udacity’s Machine Learning Nanodegree
  • Demoed IoT, AR, VR, Chatbot and Alexa to CEO and team
  • Built proof of concept turned production .NET Core app with Angular 4 frontend to automatically capture necessary information from periodic PDF reports.
  • Built successful Proof of concept Alexa skill into production using Flask-Ask
  • Setup authentication and authorization in a production app using windows authentication on the backend and angular 2 auth guards on the client side
  • Implemented parallel processing using Task Parallel Library and wrote unit tests for the console application
  • Serverless hosting of flask web apps on AWS using API Gateway and lambda functions using Zappa


  • Built proof of concept for MATLAB Distributed Computing Server
  • Built a hybrid cloud computing platform proof of concept to run compiled MATLAB code on Azure/AWS/local cluster
  • Built production C# console application and installed as a windows service
  • Hired intern from hackathon who converted to full-time employee
  • Mentored two summer interns
  • Showcased demos of below emerging tech proof of concepts to Senior Leadership team
  • Built multilingual Chatbot with IBM Watson backend, AngularJS and Angular Material frontend, Google translate integration and speech to text.
  • Built proof of concept using Azure Face API and Azure Emotion API for paperless sign in
  • Built Alexa skill using NodeJS and lambda functions
  • Built hybrid mobile apps using Ionic for proof of concepts
  • Built Augmented Reality scenes using Unity and then Ionic
  • Built Virtual Reality scenes for Oculus Rift and integrated with Leap Motion for hands
  • Built a responsive web app and hosted on Firebase to collect interview feedback during a conference eliminating use of paper.
  • Built proof of concept hybrid app to track attendance using beacons
  • Finished in top 10 of internal Hackathon

Aug - Dec 2015

Hired at a hackathon as Full stack developer at New York Life

  • Learned AngularJS, C#, SQL and push code to production
  • Built Virtual Reality scenes using Unity for Google Cardboard

June - July 2015

  • Hired as Full stack developer at Defy Ventures
  • Learned a lot from Reid here:
    Django, deploying production app to Ubuntu server, cron jobs, workflow using git branches and GitHub issues.

Jan - May 2015