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Pradhyo's blog

I am a self-taught full stack developer venturing into machine learning and artificial intelligence. I love going to hackathons and got my current job at one.


Useful tools

2 minute read

For future reference, here is a bunch of tools/services I have used in the past.

Retrying in Python

less than 1 minute read

Recently, I was writing some Python code to send emails and the connection to the SMTP server was randomly failing. Luckily I found tenacity and I fixed this...

Setting up Python on Windows 7

less than 1 minute read

Install Git Bash Install Anaconda - Python3 should be picked unless there’s a good reason to pick Python2. I have tried installing Python for Windows be...

Enabling CORS in ASP.NET Web API

less than 1 minute read

The simplest way I’ve solved this is by adding below headers to all responses by adding them to Web.Config.

Adding headers to http requests in Angular2

1 minute read

One of the common scenarios where the ability to add headers to angular http requests comes in handy is authentication API calls using tokens. It is very eas...

Different config files in C# project

less than 1 minute read

It is almost certain that you would need different configuration for different environments. Here’s one way to maintain separate config files.

FTP using list of commands in a text file

less than 1 minute read

Typing out ftp commands each time is error prone and no fun. Here’s an easy way to list all the commands in a text file and supply them sequentially to the f...

Web Scraping using Python

1 minute read

Venturing into Machine Learning, I quickly realized the need for good datasets. Web Scraping can come in very handy when datasets aren’t easily available.

Making iframes work in Ionic iOS apps

less than 1 minute read

Everything was fine and dandy on Androids but when I started testing on iPhones, my Youtube embed using iframes wasn’t showing anything- there weren’t any er...

Finding the right career

less than 1 minute read

Some people know exactly what to do with their careers but others might be completely lost. Here’s a method to get a list of roles that might be of interest.

Rainmeter for Desktop Customization

1 minute read

Rainmeter ‘skins’ let you customize your Windows desktop to look really cool and/or get some useful information quickly. Modern computers won’t take a notice...