Heatmap of every team’s performance each over in IPL 2018

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I haven’t followed the IPL for a couple of years and have picked up some new skills since then. Having followed my favorite team this year, I was curious about a few things and decided to explore some data I got off the Internet. All of the heatmaps below contain data from the league stage of IPL 2018.


The below heatmap shows the scoring rate in each over for all the teams across all matches.

There is a clear dip in the scoring rate for all teams after the fielding restrictions are lifted after six overs. While most teams have scored heavily in the last five overs with the last over mostly deserving special treatment, DD and CSK seem to have been more slightly more successful than the others.

overall batting Runs scored per over while batting

The below heatmap considers the cases when the teams were batting first but is pretty similar to what happened overall. KKR seemed to have peaked between 15-18 overs before slowing down a bit in the last two overs. SRH haven’t scored much in their last five overs. RCB have done significantly better than everyone else between 10-13 overs.

batting first Runs scored per over while batting first

This heatmap just considers the second innings and most of the action in each game has been in the last three overs. CSK in particular have scored more than fourteen runs an over in the last three overs with nobody else coming close.

batting second Runs scored per over while batting second


This heatmap of the run rate across all matches is consistent with the one for batting - last over going for runs and a dip after six overs. SRH have been great throughout while RCB have gone for plenty in their last five overs.

overall bowling Runs conceded per over while bowling

The teams have kept things quiet the first couple of overs when bowling first as seen below. RR have conceded more than the others during overs 9-14. DD fared much worse than the others in the last two overs of the powerplay.

bowling first Runs conceded per over while bowling first

Once again, the below heatmap for teams bowling second shows that the last three overs almost always had plenty of runs. It is unbelievable that SRH have consistently kept their opposition under 7 an over after the fourth over - no wonder they finished on top of the table!

bowling second Runs conceded per over while bowling second

While it is my intention to be accurate, the data could be slightly inaccurate.
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